High-End Batteries

Special batteries for any usage

BatteryMan as a battery dealer and supplier who specialize in providing the needs for batteries with superior quality and technology in various types of industrial market segments and applications, both in general applications to the specific designation as Military, Aviation and Telecommunication.

BatteryMan provide various brands of batteries that have been proven for the quality internationally such as OPTIMA, ODYSSEY, SUPER B, CTEK, OPTIMATE and other brands that suit for customer need and also supporting accessories in various areas. We can deliver the battery and other products nationwide.

Based on our experiences in the applications of batteries, not just in automotive but also in mining and general industries, we are very confident of the quality of the products that we sell. It has been proven on the application of heavy equipments, generators and other equipments owned by the group of PT. Multiguna Anugerah and its affiliates.

With the method of use and proper care, we believe the quality of the products we sell battery that exceeds the product - other products in the market with the technology and quality of more conventional.

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